Launching an Insta360 Camera from a Mortar is SO much Harder than I Expected

From Corridor Crew.

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In an effort to simulate what a first-person Super Jump looks like, Wren embarks on the hardest build he’s ever done and is pushed to his absolute breaking point.

HUGE thanks to Erik Beck for helping out and building us the mortar of our dreams:

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Chapters ►
0:00 – Wren’s Attempt at an Impossible Shot
1:24 – Setting the Stage
3:58 – Designing the Projectile
5:31 – Erik Beck’s Mortar Build
6:19 – The Power of an Insta360
7:38 – Parachute Solutions & The Drop Test
10:30 – Canon Launch at Rock-A-Hula
15:56 – Wren’s not Giving Up Yet
17:30 – More Drop Tests
20:32 – Wren’s Still Not Giving Up
22:25 – Testing Wren’s Resilience
24:57 – Rebuild and Launch Again
27:48 – Persistence Paid Off