Leaning Tower Of Pisa…

From Grand Illusions.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa features in this video…

First, a book from Tim’s bookshelf called ‘Tilt’ which is actually a leaning book, that is all about the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Tim then mentions a famous optical illusion involving the tower.

Finally, back in June 2023 Tim published a video called ‘To Have And To Have Not’ – see https://youtu.be/mVzXpEegLdk?si=3s_EFt_iyK_VnbRo – in which he showed a picture of a thumb toy that was available some years ago, but which he failed to buy at the time, and now wishes he had in his collection. It shows the Leaning Tower Of Pisa and a figure who is trying to hold the tower up.

Well, Tim has some very kind people watching his videos, and Zara Johnson, who lives in the UK, wanted to see if she could locate this particular thumb toy for Tim. Online searches didn’t come up with anything, so she contacted a maker of thumb toys called Jane Coakeley, to see if it was possible to have one made specially. Jane put her in touch with Bernard Louys in France, and he was commissioned by Zara to make the Leaning Tower thumb toy which you see here. Tim was delighted to be able to add this to his collection, and sends a big thank you to the ‘thumb toy team’ of Zara, Jane and Bernard!

Jane’s thumb toys can be seen here – www.pushpuppet.com and some of Barnard’s creations can be seen here – https://www.youtube.com/@bernardlouys6779/videos