Mirror-image Mirror Balls: introducing the Kite-Rhombus Hectapentacontahedron

From Standup Mathematician.

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Huge thanks to Robert for finding all eight "Eight Kite-Rhombus Solids". https://robertlovespi.net/2018/04/29/eight-kite-rhombus-solids-plus-five-all-kite-polyhedra-the-convex-hulls-of-the-thirteen-archimedean-catalan-compounds/

Thanks to Lisa Mather who designed and laser-cut all of the kites and rhombi so we could cable tie them together. https://twitter.com/lisa_mather

Internal frame for the balls was designed and built by Dave Ansell. https://www.sciansell.co.uk/node/167

3D design and all images of the shape was done by Sam Hartburn. https://samhartburn.co.uk/sh/

The build crew included but was not limited to: Alex Genn-Bash, Alex James, Ben Sparks, Katie Steckles, Lisa Mather, Lucie Green, Matt Parker, Matthew Scroggs, Paul Taylor and random festival attendees.

Huge thanks to my Patreon supporters. They keep my balls in the air. https://www.patreon.com/standupmaths

– None yet, let me know if you spot anything!

Filming and editing by Alex Genn-Bash
Written and performed by Matt Parker
Graphics by Sam Hartburn
Cheese by Alex James
Produced by Nicole Jacobus
Music by Howard Carter
Design by Simon Wright and Adam Robinson

MATT PARKER: Stand-up Mathematician
Website: http://standupmaths.com/
US book: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/610964/humble-pi-by-matt-parker/
UK book: https://mathsgear.co.uk/collections/books/products/humble-pi-signed-paperback