More Of Tim’s Funny Money…

From Grand Illusions.

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There are special tricks using chemistry that will allow you to shrink a US dollar bill – or even higher denominations if you have a mind to! Forget inflation – you can shrink your money yourself…

You can buy genuine US dollars in sheets from the treasury department in Washington DC. I suppose you would need to cut them carefully to separate them!

Ways to make your money go further – you need to make a whole series of very accurate cuts in a dollar bill, and then you can stretch it out to several times its normal length.

At a special photo booth Tim discovered in Atlanta, they take your picture, and then print it onto a dollar bill. Look – you are famous!

Tim shows the rare 2 dollar bill – perfectly legal tender, but somehow not much used in the USA. People use the $1, the $5 and the $10, but the $2 dollar bill… not so much.

Tim acquired a $20 dollar bill some while ago that had been stamped with a little message in red ink. It suggested that you visited the ‘Where’s George’ web site – – and you could enter the serial number of the note and your ZIP code. The web site will show you all the previous locations that have been recorded for that particular banknote. Set up in 1998 by Hank Eskin, the idea is simply to track the natural circulation of American paper money. More information can be found on Wikipedia –’s_George%3F – ‘George’ of course being George Washington!

Some years ago, someone created a ‘Zero’ dollar bill. Tim missed getting one, although he has a photocopy. Maybe it was some kind of comment on a passing financial crisis?

Tim has some stage money for a million dollars, and a trillion dollars. NOT accepted at any bank!