Multi-Generational Home on a Budget – Episode 4 – Roofing

From The Build Show.

Welcome back to the Multi-Generational Home on a Budget series! In this episode, our expert host, Steve Baczek, dives into the critical steps of rough roofing and air sealing at the roof.

Starting off, Steve takes us up close to a stack of trusses, offering a detailed explanation of their components. He walks us through the nomenclature of trusses, highlighting the importance of the bottom chord, top chord, web members, and rafter tails. Steve also explains the practical reason behind trimming the truss tails for a perfect roofline, ensuring precision and stability in the construction.

Next, we move to the second floor where Steve emphasizes the significance of continuity in the air barrier. He discusses the use of Zip R9 insulating sheathing as the primary air barrier and the innovative detail of connecting it to the roof trusses using a weather resistive barrier. Steve meticulously describes the process of installing this membrane, ensuring that the exterior and interior barriers are seamlessly connected to create a continuous, airtight seal.

As the crew sets the roof trusses, Steve elaborates on the critical aspect of preventing uplift, caused by wind forces on the roof soffit. He demonstrates the use of six-inch truss screws to securely fasten the trusses to the walls, providing a robust solution to resist these upward forces.

Join us in this informative episode as Steve Baczek and Brett showcase the intricate details and meticulous planning involved in rough roofing and air sealing. Whether you’re a builder, contractor, or DIY enthusiast, this episode is packed with practical insights and expert tips to elevate your construction knowledge. Don’t miss out—watch now and enhance your building skills with the Multi-Generational Home on a Budget series!

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