Must-Visit Japanese Luxury Ryokan in Izu, Japan

From Paolo from Tokyo.

Taberu Oyado Hamanoyu Ryokan Hotel
1017 Inatori, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Higashiizu, Izu, Shizuoka

賀茂郡東伊豆町稲取1017, 東伊豆, 伊豆, 日本, 413-0411 0557-95-2151

Japan Luxury Hotel Tour & Experience of a Japanese Ryokan with a private onsen in the room. Taberu Oyado Hamanoyu located in the Izu area is perched right in front of the beach offering a serene atmosphere with the soothing sound of the ocean waves. It’s known for its exceptional dining experience, top level service and stylish guest rooms with private onsen baths so we knew we couldn’t go wrong here. While standard rooms are available at a rate of around 26,500 yen per person, we decided to go all in for their 160,000 yen 1200 dollar luxury suite with an in-room private onsen bath to see what it’s all about. Yes, we paid for this trip. If you are looking to travel to Japan or taking trip outside of Tokyo to experience Japan’s omotenashi hotel culture, then this hotel would be a great place to check out. So the room itself is quite spacious in Japan at 120 ㎡ (1300 ft²), which includes a Japanese style tatami room, living room with an ocean view, a bedroom with twin beds…and in-room private onsen. Japanese Ryokan hotels typically use local area ingredients and specialties in their food courses. So in this case, we were presented with an assortment of local seafood which we’re more than happy to enjoy.