My Favorite Climate Graph

From vlogbrothers.

Thanks to the folks at the Environmental Defense Fund for helping make the Marginal Abatement Cost Curve a thing that exists. You can read more about it here:

And thanks to the folks at the center for negative carbon emissions at ASU:

There is much more to say about this graph…the big things being that it, of course, is guessing about the present and does not even attempt to predict the future. There are things that aren’t even on the curve (like advanced geothermal) that I think are likely to be super important in our path to decarbonization because, right now, it’s mostly unproven technology (though proven more and more every year.) Another thing it doesn’t account for is energy costs going down, especially at certain times of the day (when there is lots of sun and wind) and that could substantially change the equation for Direct Air Capture of CO2.

Anyway! Thanks for reading the description…in exchange for that, because I know you’re a real one, I was wondering if you could fill out this survey

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