My Journey to $2M/Year in Real Estate

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When Todd Baldwin started his real estate investing business, his goal was to earn $1 million by age 30. He not only achieved that goal, he did it two years ahead of schedule by developing a winning formula based on real estate basics, and he shares that formula in this interview.

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Investing in real estate doesn’t need to be complicated. Todd’s approach starts by keeping the focus on the tenants rather than the property. He’ll explain why this is a smart, along with his other real estate investing strategies and insider insights on how to invest in real estate the right way.

Those just starting out in real estate probably have a lot of questions, like how to buy your first rental property, how to research the local real estate market, and how to invest in real estate when you don’t have tons of cash laying around.

Todd didn’t know the answers to these questions when he started, either, and he learned some of his lessons through trial and error. In this interview, we’ll find out what mistakes he made, what he learned from those, and how he developed the investing strategy he uses today.

The truth is, anyone can make money with a real estate investment, and Todd is living proof. He started off as just a normal guy from a small town, and the expertise and skills he has today were developed over time as he bought and ran properties. That’s why he’s the perfect person to explain real estate investing for beginners and how to make money in real estate even if you’ve never bought property before.

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00:00 – START
00:45 – Meeting Todd Baldwin
01:29 – Getting into real estate
02:37 – The key to real estate success
03:01 – Features of the units
04:41 – Initial capital for investing
08:36 – Tour of the home
10:40 – First steps to start from scratch
11:21 – Time to get back initial investment
11:58 – Garage conversion
13:28 – Revenue growth goals and tips
14:15 – Avoiding bad investments
14:51 – Choosing where to invest
15:49 – Scaling real estate revenue
16:38 – Steps after buying a property
18:11 – Fan blitz
19:35 – Tenant issues
20:49 – Using social media
22:49 – Advertising strategies
24:16 – What makes a good tenant
25:17 – Setting rental prices
26:32 – Key skills for investors
27:06 – What does Todd do differently?
28:07 – Starting from scratch
28:48 – Leadership style
30:23 – Daily time commitment
32:03 – Wholesaling
33:50 – Investing myths
35:53 – Importance of tenants
37:53 – Preparing for a downturn
39:19 – Next goals
40:34 – Outro

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