NASA Film Footage Update & Artemis Launch

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This is a quick update to the last video "Why is Older NASA Launch Film Footage Still the Best?"
Update Intro 0:00 – Footage compilation start 2:13
In that, I bemoaned the fact that even though we have supposedly better cameras than the Apollo and Shuttle days, the amazing close-up footage of today’s launches are not seen because digital cameras can’t handle the over-exposure situations of the very bright engines and SRB’s compared to film.
Well, I just found out that NASA does still use high-speed film to record engineering footage and that this has just become available for the Artemis 1 launch of Nov 2022. So below are the links to the NASA footage on their images website and also the twitter user Go4Gordan who used a freedom of information request to get it released.
Watch the full video for a just over 7 minute best of compilation of some of the eight plus hours of slow-mo footage available set to Mars By Holst. – the user that got the FOIA request – Big thanks 🙂

NASA download links
Artemis I Launch From the Mobile Launcher Deck, High Speed Film

Artemis I Launch Pad Cameras – High Speed Cameras

High Speed film footage – Pad Perimeter

MARS Tracking

Film Tracking

Artemis I Launch Mobile Launch Tower – High Speed Film

Written, Researched and Presented by Paul Shillito

Images and footage: Images and footage : NASA

Music : Mars, the Bringer of War by Holst performed by the United States Marine Band

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