Neil deGrasse Tyson and Brian Greene Confront the Edge of our Understanding

From StarTalk.

How do particles get mass? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice discover squarks, sneutrinos, the Higgs boson, and whether dark matter has a particle with theoretical physicist Brian Greene.

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Can we finally get to the bottom of what happens when a quark falls into a black hole? Learn about the ultraviolet catastrophe, the start of quantum physics, and Max Planck quantizing packets of energy. We also discuss how Einstein won the Nobel prize for the discovery for which he is least famous.

We take a deep dive into the Higgs boson. Who’s Higgs? What’s a boson? Find out about how the Higgs field creates mass, the different quantum particles, and how quarks create protons and neutrons. Brian breaks down the theory of supersymmetry: does every particle have a counterpart? Learn about squarks, sneutrinos, and whether supersymmetry can give an answer to what dark matter is.

Is the fabric of spacetime woven by tiny wormholes? Discover the Casimir force, quantum fluctuations, and why you need so many dimensions in a string theory universe. We discuss whether the cosmological constant is, in fact, constant. Plus, find out about the biggest mismatch between theory and experiment in physics.

00:00 – Introduction: Brian Greene
07:45 – When a Quark Falls Into a Black Hole
13:55 – The Beginning of Quantum Physics & Einstein’s Nobel Prize
18:01 – Discovering the Higgs Boson
21:52 – What is the Higgs Boson?
26:26 – How Do Particles in an Atom Get Mass?
30:30 – Is Dark Matter a Particle?
33:20 – Squarks, Sneutrinos, & Supersymmetry
40:16 – Fabric of Spacetime Woven by Wormholes
45:06 – Four Dimensions & String Theory
47:20 – Is Dark Matter Just Matter in Another Universe?
49:30 – Is the Cosmological Constant Constant?
56:16 – A Cosmic Perspective

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