Neil deGrasse Tyson and Brian Greene Discuss The Problem with String Theory

From StarTalk.

What’s taking String Theory so long? Brian Greene explains just why figuring out the universe is a more complicated task than others might suspect. Are there limits to a human being’s ability to fully comprehend the universe? Will we ever overcome those barriers? Find out on this Podcast Highlight as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Brian Greene go deep on the subject.

From an episode of Cosmic Queries, "The Edge of Our Understanding":

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0:00 – What’s Taking String Theory So Long?
1:12 – Limits to Human Understanding
2:47 – Center of the Universe
3:43 – How is E=MC² Used?
4:37 – Quantum Physics vs. Black Holes
5:36 – Is the Universe Predetermined?
6:33 – The Reality of Time Dilation
7:18 – Next Major Breakthroughs
8:15 – What is String Theory?
9:03 – What Does the Subatomic World Look Like?