Neil deGrasse Tyson Tackles the Physics of Football

From StarTalk.

What is one of the greatest displays of terrestrial physics? Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks down the physics of “The Tush Push” and it impacts the Earth’s rotation with host of Good Morning Football Kyle Brandt.

How can being physics-literate improve the game? Learn the physics of why this play works so well. Explore the relationship between the offensive line and the Earth. Can “The Tush Push” change the rotation of the Earth? Plus, Neil demonstrates some physics from his wrestling days.

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00:51 – Physics in Football
2:56 – Neil’s Wrestling Days
4:25 – Breaking Down The Tush Push
9:12 – Connection to the Earth
10:42 – Neil Demonstrates Some Physics
14:09 – The Tush Push, Newton’s Laws, & Earths Rotation
18:18 – Conclusions