NewsHour director Joe Camp retires after 50 years at WETA

From PBS NewsHour.

We want to celebrate the man who has been one of the guiding forces, and unseen heroes, of the NewsHour. Our formidable director Joe Camp is retiring after 50 years at WETA. Joe’s career here began in the early 1970s as a stagehand and cameraman. He was one of the camera operators for the Watergate hearings during PBS’s gavel-to-gavel coverage. That eventually led to the MacNeil-Lehrer Report, which later became the NewsHour. In 1983, Joe became a director for WETA programs, including Washington Week, where he worked closely with our dear colleague, and one of Joe’s biggest fans, the late Gwen Ifill. He has been a steady, skilled, generous leader, who’s made what you at home see on this show better.

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