Nothing Brakes Better Than The Ford Mustang Dark Horse – Wait, What?!

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How The Ford Mustang Dark Horse Became The King Of Braking
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Nothing has ever braked shorter than the Ford Mustang Dark Horse, in the entirety of Motor Trend’s testing. The 5.0L V8 boasts 500 horsepower, meaning the car has both potency and heft, and yet it stops as well as a hypercar. In testing, the Mustang stopped from 60 mph in just 86 feet, nudging out the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, which had the crown for best braking for over 5 years. Who could have guessed it’d be replaced by a muscle car?

In this video, we’ll digest the bonkers stats of such braking prowess, discuss whether it is cool or lame, challenge the notion that braking is limited to the best tires (hello McMurtry Speirling), and look at a deceleration trace of one of the best stopping vehicles that exists. Spoiler, the results aren’t at all what one might expect.

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