Notorious ABANDONED Mall Closed For 2 Years

From “Bright Sun Films”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

Almost 3 years after closing permanently, I’m venturing in to this notorious and dangerous abandoned mall. Over the short time it has been closed, scrappers have begun to pillage, vandals have set fire and nature is quickly taking over. This is truly one of the most eerie and unsettling places I have ever been, complete with an abandoned Walmart, Sears and JCPenney. Join me as we find out what’s left, and document this rare state of an abandoned, American shopping mall.

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– Chapters –
Opening – 0:00
Walmart & The Office – 1:41
The Closed Wing – 4:54
JCPenney – 9:09
The Stores – 11:47
Closure & The Food Court – 17:41
The Movie Theatre – 21:58
Final Thoughts – 25:47


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