Old pinball machines are amazingly complex

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Shoot for the magic trunk!

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Image credits:
"bagatelle" by Nikki Tysoe, used under Creative Commons
"Fortuna game at Media museum" by Olimar, used under Creative Commons
"Compiègne, France: Château de Compiègne. Les appartements historiques" by Andreas Praefcke, used under Creative Commons

00:00 Intro
01:50 Aztec overview
05:23 A bit of history
08:00 An overview of the playfield
10:39 The scoring mechanism
19:30 The targets on the playfield and how they work
25:59 The flippers
28:44 Automation and the number 5
30:31 The score motor
33:47 5,000 point sequence
38:00 The AZTEC targets
41:32 The center target
43:24 The scanning sequence
46:36 Conclusion
48:46 Bloopers