Papyrus: The World’s 2nd Most Hated Font

From Linus Boman.

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The villain origin story of Papyrus, the world’s second most reviled font. Perhaps the hate is not so deserved? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Featuring the voice talents of:
@munecat @NotJustBikes @nativemediatheory @PhilEdwardsInc

00:00 I know what you DIDDD!!
00:58 John Roshell, designing a custom Avatar font
01:51 The designer of Papyrus, Chris Costello
02:40 The 1980s, pasteup and Letraset
04:37 Letragraphica and the creation of Papyrus
05:59 The "Instant Lettering" production process
07:32 The 1990s – Office 97, Publisher 98, Papryus goes mainstream
08:22 The power of software bundling
09:04 Mismatched upper and lowercase details
10:41 Two sets of capitals. One awful digital conversion.
12:07 The mainstream appeal of Papyrus
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14:06 The 2000s and hitting Papyrus saturation
15:10 Organic food, yoga and wellness
16:06 Papyrus and Avatar. Problem 1 – expensive film, cheap font.
16:40 Papyrus and Avatar. Problem 2 – careless or quite fitting?
18:09 An Indigenous stereotype, imperialist tropes
20:13 A catchall stereotype for otherness and "natural"
21:02 The artificial patina of Papyrus
22:59 Life after Peak Papyrus
23:39 Does it deserve its bad reputation?
24:47 A milestone video and call for collaborators!


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