Pi Day 3/14 1:59AM – Spring Ahead

From Vihart.

Pi is taking an hour from us! Let’s get mad, then maybe drift off to soothing music to give ourselves that hour back.

Thank you to this tweet by @darrenglass and via @tweetsauce which not only reminded me that Pi Day was coming up and I should probably make a video, but from which I 100% stole the title and intro: https://twitter.com/darrenglass/status/1367978449864974337

This video is sponsored by Patreon Patrons like you! Special thanks to Ray Sidney, Pat Devlin, David Perryman, Andew Romaner, Andrea Bi Biagio, Jodi Vezzetti, Yana Chernobilsky, and David Smith, plus an extra thanks from my piano to Caleb Wright.

More thanks are here: http://vihart.com/thanks/

Happy Pi Day, everyone. I know it’s been not just a long while but also a weird while, and I’m glad to see you’re still here with me.