Q&A Christmas Edition!

From Freakin’ Reviews.

Today I’m answering questions mostly geared toward the holidays and Christmas.

Past videos mentioned in this Q&A:
• Food playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuOi7cS0xyl4g-jNLZ2nnsCB01yCQMrN9
• Turkish Snacks Review: https://youtu.be/5tACztVcBxs?si=BJISouyEPeuvIFr8
• Food Review from Puerto Rico: https://youtu.be/jiHFQus26GE?si=sdktInBQXKME86Eg

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• Galileo Thermometer: https://geni.us/galileotherm
• Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker: https://geni.us/mrcoffeetea
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0:00 Review hand warmers
0:32 Have I made it
1:04 Gift for someone with everything
1:49 Goals for 2024
2:36 Stocking stuffers for men
3:02 Robot vac review
3:46 Food from around the world
4:08 Favorite non-reviewed products
4:49 Where I spend the holidays
5:06 Avoiding burnout
5:41 Content creator
6:11 Coffee lover gifts
6:35 Favorite bands
7:08 Longer vs shorter content
7:38 More egg gadgets in 2024
8:03 Afraid of Christmas

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