Quantum Physicist Dissects Ant-Man | Movie Physics #2

From DoS – Domain of Science.

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In the Marvel movie Ant-Man, he wears a suit that makes him small. But if his limiter stops working he gets too small and will enter the quantum realm where bad things happen (apparently). I hadn’t seen this film but lots of people in my comments were saying that they discovered my quantum physics videos because of Ant-Man, so I wanted to take a look for myself and see what the quality of the science is.

The science in movies is often a bit wrong, especially when it comes to physics and even more especially when it comes to quantum mechanics. But I’m okay with wonky science if it is needed for the plot. They are stories after all, not university lectures. So my challenge for myself was not just to gauge the correctness of the science, but also see if I could come up with better scenarios that use correct science, but also still maintain the needs of the plot and story.

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Presented and edited by Dominic Walliman
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00:00 Intro
00:35 Atomic Distances
03:57 Cracking a Safe
09:06 Remote Controlled Ants
11:46 The Quantum Realm
14:39 Sponsor Message
16:09 Shrinking Between Atoms
21:23 Conclusion