Remember these Mini Records?

From Techmoan.

Repair & demo of one of the more commonly reminisced about mini record formats.

00:00 Start
00:25 Toy Records
00:59 Action Man Field Radio Repair
15:15 Field Radio Demo
19:22 Multiple track disc explanation
19:50 Demo wrap
20:32 Human interlude
21:45 The Juniorfon
24:43 Juniorfon Repair
27:10 Nightmare fuel
29:41 It’s a wrap
30:33 Patreon credits

Pre-empting two inevitable questions with a written answer – this was only covered visually in the video.

Q) Will the Action Man records play on the Juniorfon?
A) The Action Man records are smaller in diameter than the smallest Juniorfon record – therefore the needle would drop down outside of the disc. So the answer is No.

Q) Will the Juniorfon records play on the Action Man field radio?
A) The Juniorfon records are larger in diameter than the Action Man records, hence will not allow the field radio door to close, which is essential for playback. So the answer is No.

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