Songs that use Fifth Chords

From David Bennett Piano.

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📌REVISION: I decided after publishing to cut out a segment from this video about how the harmonic series causes major and minor chords to sound muddy when distorted. This is because, on reflection, I feel my explaination for why this happens was incomplete and really that topic was beyond the scope of this video anyway. I will revisit the topic in a dedicated video in the future. Sorry for any confusion caused.

Power chords, or fifth chords, are a staple of guitar music. Despite the simple sound and shape, there is a lot to discuss when it comes to fifth chords, with even their classifcation as ‘chords’ up for debate!

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0:00 What is a power chord?
1:23 Inverted power chords
2:06 More distortion, more power chords!
2:51 ToneGym
3:30 Power chord songs are still major or minor
5:01 are power chords actually "chords"?
7:06 Power chords on piano
8:21 Patreon