SPAN: Is This The Future of Electric Panels?

From The Build Show.

Homeowners are installing solar systems at an increasing rate and demanding reliable, long-lasting home batteries to enable whole-home backup. Millions of new EVs on the road means charging electric vehicles at-home will soon become the norm. But what does this all mean for homes? Can a smart electrical panel take the home’s energy system to the next level and make it both higher performance and more energy efficient?

Learn how smart electrical panels like SPAN Panel make it possible for homeowners to get a better whole-home backup experience, unparalleled control and monitoring over energy usage, and the ability to add new electric technologies upgrades by only replacing the panel and not upgrading the entire electrical service.

What You’ll Learn:
SPAN Panel makes homes more resilient by enabling the ultimate whole-home backup experience with fewer batteries, giving homeowners more control and peace of mind in the event of an outage and increasing the value of their homes.
SPAN Panel helps homeowners make electric appliance and renewable upgrades like EV chargers, solar + storage, electric heating and cooling systems, induction cooktops, and much more. Incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act make now the perfect time for homeowners to install SPAN with these higher performance more energy efficient home upgrades.
Smart panels have converted the outdated and overlooked electrical panel into a genius whole-home energy management system. Circuit-level control and monitoring in the SPAN Home app helps homeowners extend battery backup time 40% on average and make informed energy usage decisions to lower their monthly energy bills.

Matt Risinger, CEO & Chief Builder, Risinger Build 7 Build Productions
Cole Ashman, Director of Hardware Products
CJ, Build Contributor & Electrician

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