Starting a $500K/Month Epoxy Flooring Business

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Wise Coatings brought in more than $100,000 in revenue within the first four months after it opened in 2021. How did this epoxy garage floor business grow so quickly? Founder Brandon Vaughn shares the answer in this interview!

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Brandon had some experience with growing a business before he started Wise Coatings. He grew his previous service business to 70 employees in six seasons, an experience that taught him the importance of systems, hiring, and marketing. He put that expertise to use when he started his new epoxy flooring business, quickly scaling it to nearly $500,000 a month in revenue with profit margins up to 25%, a very impressive return on his $45,000 start-up investment.

It may be hard to believe from those numbers, but Brandon actually started Wise Coatings as an experiment. He wanted to show that it was possible to grow a business without spending any time in the field or answering sales calls. Instead, he focused on building scalable systems and perfecting his marketing. His experiment has proven to be a resounding success, though not without its bumps along the way.

He’ll share the biggest challenges he faced growing Wise Coatings, along with how he overcame those difficulties in this interview. You’ll hear what worked well too, of course, including the must-have systems for an epoxy business and how he built the phenomenal team that’s let him focus on growing the business rather than spending all his time at job sites.

This video isn’t just for folks who want to start an epoxy floor business. Anyone who wants to start or scale a service business will learn a lot from how Brandon developed his systems and brings in customers.

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00:00 – Start
00:43 – Introduction and job site
02:29 – Biggest challenges
04:47 – Equipment discussion at JonDon
06:21 – Sales process
08:17 – Startup budget
09:20 – What is a franchise?
10:18 – Break even point
11:11 – Why join a franchise
12:57 – Branding
14:36 – How many franchises
16:31 – Profit margins
17:15 – Equipment discussion
18:26 – Financial tools and software
19:54 – Early struggles
21:57 – Tools and software
23:27 – Mixing the floor coating
24:42 – What you wish you would’ve known
25:38 – Blitz questions
28:02 – Tour of the store
29:30 – What makes Wise Coating different
31:02 – Customer experience
32:54 – Employees and hiring
33:53 – Gift cards
35:44 – Leasing vs. buying
37:21 – Role of the business owner
38:55 – Yard signs
39:48 – Equipment parts
41:24 – Coaching with Conquer
42:44 – Core values
44:47 – #1 advice for floor coating businesses
45:29 – Outro

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