Steinway Grand Piano – Model O – Living Pianos

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Steinway pianos produced before WWII are termed, “Golden Era” pianos. This is because the quality of workmanship was exceptional since there were hundreds of piano companies to compete with. The challenge is having a piano from this era that is in fine condition. Rebuilding a Steinway to a high level can be very expensive, and the quality can vary depending upon who does the work.

This piano has had the good fortune of having been rebuilt in 2002 by master piano rebuilder, John Foy. Even better than that, the piano has been lovingly cared for through the ages which is evident in the nearly perfect ivory keys and impeccable original soundboard. The piano was also refinished but not with the typical lacquer finish, but it is an open pore finish which is very presentable. The action work has been performed utilizing low mass repetitions. So the piano is very responsive. The tone is rich and warm.

Through most of the 20th century Steinway produced the model L in New York and the O in Germany even though they are the same size. Today, the L is no longer manufactured, and the model O is made in both New York and Hamburg.

Either way, at just under 6-feet, this is a great size Steinway for most homes. Here is one that is a gem that should last decades with good care.