Steinway & Sons Model B – New York

From LivingPianos.


This Steinway Model B was manufactured in the New York factory in 1909 and rebuilt by Steinway in the New York factory in 1935. The action was rebuilt about 15 years ago. It has the original ivory keys in great condition. If you have ever had the opportunity to play several model B Steinways next to each other (new or used), you know that there is a substantial variance in the sound of each instrument. This piano has one of the biggest, fattest bass sounds of any Steinway B you are likely to encounter. But that’s only a small part of what makes this piano special.

The quality of the work on the instrument is exceptional. The action is smooth and fluid, with an evenness in touch and sound that is rare. The treble has a singing tone that is warm and rich. The finish is a high-gloss lacquer, which is also in very good condition.

When seeking out a great Steinway B, there are many things to look for. Many people appreciate the work of the New York factory prior to WWII. But finding an instrument from that period in great condition can be challenging. When work is performed, if it isn’t up to the standard of the original manufacturing, you can end up with inconsistencies in sound and performance. This is one of the very few Steinway B’s we have ever encountered that has this combination of quality of sound, touch, and appearance—a truly magnificent instrument!