Steinway & Sons Model B

From LivingPianos.

Here is a beautiful Steinway semi-concert grand in excellent condition. The piano has the original soundboard in excellent condition. The piano has newer strings, tuning pins, damper felts, hammers, shanks, knuckles, flanges, key bushings, and front rail bushings. The case looks very nice as well. This piano has lived in a gentle environment and has been lovingly cared for.

Our technicians have brought the piano to a high concert level of performance. New Steinway pianos of the same model vary tremendously. That’s why it’s such a pleasure to encounter this instrument that has a very fluid action in contrast to some Steinways that feel stiff and are hard to play.

The tone is rich and singing, and not overly bright. The bass is amazing! This is an all around fine example of what is possible from a New York model B made by Steinway when everything comes out of the factory sounding great, the piano is maintained well, and the instrument is presided over by great piano technicians.