“Talking Carpentry: Part 1” – TALKING TRADES EP. 10

From The Build Show.

Matt is back on another flight – heading east. Next stop is Zack Dettmore, Master Carpenter & Home Remodeling Contractor, in New Jersey. They begin by exploring a beautifully renovated kitchen in a 1970s house, where Zack highlights his team’s meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail revealing clever solutions and showcasing his ingenuity as a problem solver.

Finally, Matt and Zack visit a historic house undergoing renovations, where they meet Kalen, one of Zack’s talented apprentices. Kalen shares his journey into carpentry and discusses the challenges and rewards of working on intricate projects under Zack’s mentorship.

Throughout the video, viewers gain insights into the world of carpentry, from the technical aspects of joinery and framing to the importance of effective project management and client communication. Zack’s passion for his craft shines through as he shares his expertise and inspires the next generation of carpenters.

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Next episode on YouTube April 3rd, 2024 – Talking Carpentry 2

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