Taylor Swift concert death: Fan says Brazil venue “not prepared” for extreme heat, confiscated water

From Global News.

Pop star Taylor Swift was back on stage Sunday night in Brazil after her Saturday performance was postponed in Rio De Janeiro due to extreme heat, after a fan died at her show on Friday evening.

The cause of death of the fan has not been announced but concertgoers have complained of extreme temperatures and not being allowed to take water or other cooling items into the stadium.

Canadian Sindy Nguyen, who was at the show on Friday, joined The Morning Show on Monday from Rio de Janeiro to discuss the conditions at the concert.

“The venue was not prepared for the extreme heat that we have here. So outside the venue, it was about 33 degrees Celsius but with the heat index, it went up to 60 degrees Celsius.” Nguyen said, adding that personal fans were confiscated prior to entrance into the stadium.

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