Tefi : Band in the UK …and other tales

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More info on the (predominantly) 1950s German music player system. This time thanks to a very generous donation I’m able to demonstrate a Tefi Kurz Band to you. If you just want to see this section jump to 07:31 however if you get time to watch the rest of the video you’ll hear more facts and figures and details about the history of the Tefifon and the Tefi company.

00:00 Tefi History
07:02 The Tefi band
10:47 Extra bits
16:41 Credits with Tefi music ‘Bouncing in Saxonia’

(The track at the end is titled ‘Bouncing in Saxonia" – that’s all the info I have.

Cuba Baion on a Street Organ https://youtu.be/aDg7Op5oWZ4

My previous Tefifon videos;
1. https://youtu.be/nBNTAmLRmUg
2. https://youtu.be/9tTURrAWVYE
3. https://youtu.be/yqfVS6ahArs
(If you only want to watch one – I’d recommend the second video).

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Over Time – Vibe Tracks https://youtu.be/VSSswVZSgJw

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