TEN Transport Evolved News 478: Elon’s Offering Free Samples (& Fisker’s Offering Massive Discounts)

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On today’s show: Elon’s offering free month-long samples of FSD Beta, Fisker is selling its Ocean EVs with heavy discounts – and Volvo makes its last Diesel engine

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:32 – Welcome!
00:40 – As Fisker’s financials falter, Ocean EV offered at incredible discount
01:34 – As Lexie Alford celebrates driving around the world in a Ford Explorer EV, The model officially launches
02:35 – Yet another study shows PHEV emissions are higher than claimed
03:26 – Elon Musk tells Tesla sales staff to install, demo FSD Beta in every new car, and gives customers one free month of FSD Beta
04:24 – The Chinese Government tells the WTO that the US’ EV policies are discriminatory
05:22 – Volkswagen ID.7 is coming to North America
06:16 – NIO ET9 enters production as the fastest-charging production EV to date
07:15 – Polestar 4 makes its North American debut
08:06 – Hyundai Motor group commits to more than $50 billion in investment into future programs, including EVs
09:01 – Stellantis, Ford make EV-related layoffs
11:05 – Lucid gets $1 billion cash injection from Saudi PIF
11:25 – Nissan unveils its ARC business plan
11:41 – Insurance companies in the UK start to push up covering Chinese-made Evs due to parts issues, lack of support
12:01 – CATL, Tesla working on developing faster charging battery cells
12:19 – Porsche Boxster EV nears production-ready status
12:38 – Ree P7-C gets CARB certified
12:55 – Renault looks to become European leader in mass-battery recycling
13:14 – BYD’s 2023 financials show a slowing in its CHinese-market dominance
13:31 – Ford signs a new charging partnership with Allegro in Europe
13:48 – Genesis unveils two new concepts for the New York Auto Show
14:04 – Toyota confirms a Hilux EV is on the way
14:23 – BMW battery partner AESC expanding its U.S. battery facilities
14:41 – Australia introduces its first emissions rules – but they have some big exceptions
15:03 – Tesla looks to be working on its own in-house cellular network
15:20 – Ford CFO hints at a new, smaller, electric SUV
15:39 – Daimler Trucks North America, Green Lane Charging, Announce new charging corridor between LA and Las Vegas for big rigs
15:54 – Maeving makes its official U.S. debut in California
16:16 – 2019 Jaguar iPace EV recalled again in the U.S. for the same battery fire issue
16:32 – Hyundai IONIQ 6 now the cheapest car to lease in the US
16:51 – Volkswagen appears to be second-guessing ID.Buzz California
17:10 – Metallica partner with Iveco for electric tour vehicles in Europe
17:29 – Ample opens its first battery swap station in Japan
17:47 – Quantumscape delivers Alpha-2 prototypes to automakers
18:04 – XPeng starts deliveries of two X7, G9 in Germany
18:22 – SK On to supply Ferrari with battery cells
18:39 – Polestar announces new charging partnership in Europe with Plugsurfing
18:55 – Xiaomi’s first electric car undercuts the Model 3 in China
19:11 – Scania expands its electric offerings
19:29 – Green Power Park opens in the UK
19:46 – Tragic bridge collapse in Maryland, USA expected to impact car imports
20:04 – Canoo takes advantage of Arrival bankruptcy to secure low-cost production equipment
20:23 – BA commits to cleaning up its airside fleet
20:38 – Livewire announces S2 Mulholland
20:56 – Consumers are becoming happier with home charging, survey finds
21:19 – Geely shows off its drifting autonomous platform
21:36 – Chinese Truck firm that’s certainly not Tesla tests super-high powered charging
22:03 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
23:11 – Tesla’s CCS-friendly Supercharger network is massive already!
24:24 – Volvo puts its last Diesel car in a museum
25:28 – Thanks, and Goodbye!