TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 472. Vision Pro Isn’t For Your Tesla…

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On today’s show: Porsche updates the Taycan to make it drive and charge more quickly, Aptera closes its year-long funding program, and Tesla owners are making poor choices with Apple Vision Pro headsets

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:32 – Welcome!
00:39 – Editorial
01:18 – Correction from last week’s show
01:49 – Porsche unveils its refreshed Taycan, complete with more power, and faster charging
02:45 – Ford confirms that you won’t need to use Tesla’s app to use its supercharger network with a Ford
03:46 – A new study shows that many large vehicles – both ICE and EV – are heavier than the design limits of current crash barriers.
04:42 – 1/4 of Tesla Cybertruck customers want the range-extended battery pack
05:32 – Ford publishes its year end financials, shows a mixed bag of results
06:29 – Waymo under investigation after a collision involving a cyclist in San Francisco
07:15 – NADA sends mixed messages on EVs
08:16 – BMW launches i5 Wagon variants in Europe
09:06 – Kimbal Musk suggests we’ll see Full Self driving, without a steering wheel, on Teslas in 5 years
09:55 – Aptera closes its Accelerator Program with $33 million funding
12:08 – Tesla stops shipping aero wheel covers for Cybertruck until they’re redesigned
12:28 – e-bike made from recycled coffee pods breaks cover
12:45 – Rivian Sets March 7 as the reveal date for its R2 range of vehicles
13:02 – Researchers make progress in lithium-ion battery research by using low-activation energy electrolyte
13:20 – Tesla pushes an OTA update to fix a recall issue with font sizes
13:39 – Kia recalls some EV6, e-Niro models to address a potential fault with half-shafts
13:55 – Minnesota officially starts its EV incentive program
14:11 – SAP removes Teslas from its company car program, cites fluctuating prices
14:27 – Paris confirms its size/weight based parking charges for cars will go into effect on September 1
14:44 – Ford confirms a company skunkworks project has been working on a new low-cost EV platform for 2+ years
15:00 – Lancia unveils a new exclusive EV
15:17 – Electrify America opens its first indoor fast-charging space in the U.s.
15:35 – Tesla Giga Berlin to resume production shortly
15:50 – Kia reportedly plans a new guaranteed value program for its customers in Australia
16:05 – Tesla pushes its first update for Cybertruck
16:19 – Hertz blames EVs for its poor Q4
16:35 – Volvo begins producing EM90 for Chinese market
16:54 – Cord, CUmmins and others stand up for EPA medium/heavy-duty trucks
17:11 – Bollinger’s B4 cab-on-chassis EV approved for Federal purchase incentives
17:27 – Rivian R1T, Commercial Delivery Vehicle arrive in Australia to join MEVCO testing fleet
17:44 – Toyota confirms $1.3 billion investment to build EVs at its production line in KY
18:00 – U.S. Federal Government warns about cybersecurity risks posed by Chinese-made EVs, EV components
18:18 – Tesla reintroduces free supercharger, FSD activation transfer for existing owners wanting to buy a new TEsla
18:33 – Cake calls in the receivers
18:47 – Nissan unveils its Interstar-e EV commercial van
19:03 – Hitachi Construction Machinery and ABB unveil a prototype fully-electric dump truck with pantograph
19:18 – Hyundai plans to electrify its Casper subcompact
19:36 – Polestar 2 owners get fed up waiting for adaptive headlights, flip the switch themselves
19:58 – ReVolt unveils a new lower-cost variant of its electric motorcycle
20:18 – Bloomberg claims Tesla is preparing for a round of layoffs
20:45 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
21:52 – A change of policy in NZ causes EV sales to plummet
23:00 – As Apple Vision Pro goes on sale, people in Teslas are making poor choices
24:14 – Thanks, and Goodbye!