TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 477 – The New Van Life, Audi Q6 e-tron, Tesla Delivers Early

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On today’s show: Volkswagen unveils the all-wheel drive ID. Buzz GTX, Audi reveals the Q6 e-tron, and a Tesla Cybertruck customer with stage 4 cancer gets their truck early.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:31 – Welcome!
00:52 – Volkswagen unveils ID. Buzz GTX
01:41 – Rivian gains access to Tesla’s Supercharger network
02:30 – New Reporting suggests Ford’s Skunkworks EV projects will include low-cost small EV Pickup, SUV, and Ride-Share car
03:20 – Audi unveils the Q6 e-tron
04:11 – Peugeot unveils the e-5008 EV
05:09 – BlueCruise under investigation by NHTSA, NTSB
06:09 – Volkswagen North America CEO suggests Volkswagen ID. GTi could come to the U.S.
07:03 – BMW unveils the Vision Neue Klasse X SAV Concept
08:05 – In controversial interview with Don Lemon, Elon Musk says second generation Tesla Roadster is coming next year
09:00 – The U.S. EPA publishes its new, revised emissions targets for 2027-2032
11:06 – Storedot finally opens its California research facility
11:24 – EVgo deploys its first prefabricated charging stations
11:41 – Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis EVs recalled in the U.S. and Canada
11:59 – Two men charged with trying to sell battery secrets of an unnamed US automaker. Could it be Tesla?
12:14 – Volvo executives explain why Volvo customers are willing to wait for their new cars
12:31 – Nissan, SKOn rumored to be working on a new battery factory for the U.S.
12:46 – Citroen prices the e-Berlingo and its siblings for the UK market
13:06 – Xpeng posts its year-end financials for FY 2023
13:23 – Conflict between Tesla, Fastned is holding up fast charging deployment in Germany
13:40 – Volkswagen, Mobileye intensify their autonomous vehicle partnership
13:55 – Shell prepares to get rid of 1,000 gas stations on its road to a cleaner future
14:10 – i-charging increases the power capabilities of its charging units to 900 kW
14:24 – Dominion Energy, Commonwealth of Virginia, celebrate 1.5 million all-electric school bus miles
14:40 – India approves Ev imports from overseas – with some pretty big caveats
15:00 – Nissan, Honda, confirm they are working on an EV partnership
15:15 – VinFast Founder, CEO, announces new company called V-Charge, focused on Ev fast charging
15:31 – Candela closes its largest funding round to date
15:47 – NYC announces new electric bus and commercial charging programs from federal funding
16:03 – Lunaz Group enters into administration
16:20 – Bentley pushes back its EV plans
16:36 – California Energy Commission awards $3 million to a new V2G bus study in California
16:51 – Early data from National Grid, NSO trail with Octopus energy shows Evs can help reduce grid demand when smart charging tech is used
17:10 – US Battery storage power capacity set new records last quarter
17:27 – Researchers in Australia set a new efficiency record for printable flexible perovskite solar cells
17:45 – UK extends its EV charging grant o include on-street charging
18:00 – Tesla warns Model Y Prices will increase on April 1
18:14 – Fiat reportedly considering bringing the ICE Fiat 500 back to the U.S.
18:32 – California startup Amber announces new Ev warranty program for Teslas
18:49 – Aptera video intended for investors is leaked online
19:06 – BYD nears 50% market share for all NEV sales in China
19:20 – Subaru, Panasonic, ink preliminary agreement on battery supplies
19:38 – NREL reiterates that we’re going to need a LOT of public charging
19:55 – GM patents tetris-shaped battery pack modules to improve EV cooling
20:13 – F150 Lightning with nearly 100,000 miles on the clock is still at 97% battery SOH
20:33 – Mercedes-Benz EQXX sets new record in the Arabian desert – even with AC on!
21:01 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
22:06 – Fisker’s future looks bleak
23:07 – Tesla team breaks its own rules, delivers a Cybertruck to a Stage 4 cancer patient early