TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 486. Elon’s Threat, ID.7 Delayed Outside EU, Cybertruck Busted

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Today, Elon Musk reiterates his threat to Tesla shareholders over the company’s AI future, VW delays its ID.7 launch outside of Europe, and data proves Tesla’s Cybertruck drag race wasn’t as it seemed.
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00:00 – Start
00:33 – Welcome!
00:41 Editorial note:
01:06 – Chevrolet begins deliveries of 2024 Chevy Equinox EV
02:04 – Honda commits to doubling its EV investment to $65 Billion
03:00 – Elon Musk again suggests if shareholders vote against him, Tesla will lose robotics and AI
04:08 – Ford asks its suppliers to help cost-cut in its EV program.
05:06 – EV charging station vandalism is on the rise
06:03 – News of a class-action settlement could mean money for Bolt EV owners
07:05 – Renault to open the order books for the Renault 5 e-Tech next week
07:59 – Recurrent publishes 3-year battery degradation report for Tesla Model 3, Y
09:06 – Volvo Launches EX30 in China
10:03 – Volkswagen delays non-European launch of ID.7, citing strong demand in its home market
11:58 – Some GM Ultium vehicles are recalled due to motor construction problems
12:21 – Rivian R1T and R1S recalled for missing dashboard airbag warning labels
12:37 – Some Mercedes-benz EQB models recalled for incorrectly welded drivetrain gear
12:58 – Kia EV9 recalled for passenger seatbelt defect
13:17 – Partnership between Renaul, Volkswagen, allegedly dead
13:36 – Italian police seize Fiat Topolino EVs
14:00 – TrajectoryEV announces upgrade kit for classic RAV4 EV for J1772 charging
14:22 – CATL looks to establish at least two factories outside of China
14:43 – Volvo CE unveils new charging product for on-construction site charging
15:07 – Chargepoint debuts MCS-capable charging stations
15:24 – Volkswagen ID.4 Recalls Under Investigation
15:42 – Some Chinese firms are reportedly very slow to pay outstanding bills
16:00 – Tesla tells Model S, X customers they won’t get steam compatibility
16:21 – Workers at Mercedes-Benz’s EV Plant in Alabama vote to not become a union shop
16:41 – China’s first large-scale grid-connected sodium-ion battery goes online
16:59 – Volvo Group, Daimler Truck plan to work together on software platform for big rigs
17:17 – Volvo Construction Equipment releases its first Product Carbon Footprint Reports
17:34 – Daimler Trucks North America invests $40 million in new electric truck center in Portland, OR
17:52 – Tesla puts its Model 3 Performance up in price again
18:07 – Acura confirms the ZDX Type S will be the first electric pace car at Pikes’ Peak
18:26 – Tesla looking to build a data-center in China
18:41 – Caterpillar and Vale test electric mining trucks in Brazil
19:03 – Tesla removes FSD Supervised Steering Wheel nag – but it comes with caveats
19:24 – JD Power Survey suggests consumer interest in EVs is dropping – partly due to price
19:43 – Jeep releases teaser video for Wagoneer S.
20:00 – Gravity announces new charging solution for large cities with no off-street parking
20:24 – JLR confirms it will use Elysia battery software in its future Evs
20:42 – Mercedes-Benz Trucks now offers one-stop shopping for big rigs and charging
20:59 – EVgo doubles its charging base to 1 million users in two years
21:16 – Hertz tried to charge EV renter for gasoline
21:36 – Gen Z are most open to the idea of Chinese-made EVs
21:55 – XPeng losses close as company publishes Q1 report
22:12 – Daimler Trucks North America publishes details of its second-life program for Ev batteries
22:29 – Hyundai plans to produces 21,000 Genesis GV90 SUVs per year
22:47 – Zeekr working on a wagon variant of its 007
23:03 – NASDAQ threatens Polestar with delisting after it fails to submit required reports
23:31 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
24:42 – Motor Trend, Engineering Explained, bust Tesla Cybertruck towing video
25:57 – EV energy consumption outpaced train electricity consumption last year in the U.S.
26:55 – Thanks, and Goodbye!