TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 489. Tesla’s Shareholders Vote, 6C Charging, EU Tariffs For China

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On today’s show – Tesla’s Shareholder Meeting decides Elon Musk’s Future, CATL and BYD chase a 6C fast-charging battery, and the EU confirms Chinese EV Tariffs.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:36 – Welcome!
00:43 Tesla shareholders vote at influential shareholder meeting
02:19 – Rivian’s updated R1T and R1S are dramatically different, despite looking the same
03:27 – European Union will begin charging tariffs on Chinese-made EVs on July 1st
04:31 – Volkswagen says final design for the ID.2 has been finalized
05:22 – Ford ends its Model E dealership certification, meaning any dealer can now sell an EV
06:16 – New survey reveals that many consumers are unaware of who makes the most EVs
07:13 – BYD, CATL plan to develop new 6C capable battery packs
08:10 – Germany is #1 country for EV production in Europe, Second largest in the world
08:59 – Alpine confirms specs for its four new A290 EV models
10:02 – Archer Aviation Midnight completes its latest transition flight – hitting 100+ mph
10:59 – Sponsored segment: CCANAN Raffle
12:09 – Karma Revero recalled for indicator issues
12:28 – Nissan ariya recalled for oil leaks
12:46 – Volvo recalls some VNR trucks, including its electric variant
13:03 – Mack Trucks recalls MMDe for battery software worries
13:22 – Kia recalls EV9 to address a lack of adequate headliner material
13:41 – Volvo EX30 recalled for speedometer software issue
13:58 – Nissan LEAF gets another year of production for North America
14:14 – UAW appearing to gain ground at some Tesla facilities
14:33 – Genesis slashes pricing for GV60 lease
14:50 – FLO secures massive new funding round
15:07 – Robotic charging network demonstration incoming
15:26 – Honda lowers the lease for its Prologue EV
15:42 – Model Y update won’t happen this year
16:00 – £10 Million investment made in ForEV in Scotland
16:17 – NIO publishes its Q1 financials, slows sales
16:35 – Mercedes-Benz, Alpitronic, partner for charging hardware in the USA and Canada
16:53 – Chargepoint, Porsche work together to bring Chargepoint seamless integration with Porsche charging
17:07 – The average price of new EVs rose last month – thanks primarily to Tesla Cybertruck
17:27 – Costco works with GM to offer EVs to Costco members
17:53 – NHTSA follows EPA, Lowers target fuel economy goals
18:13 – Tesla Model Y “Juniper” Refresh not coming this year
18:28 – IONNA shifts up a gear as it tries to capitalize on Tesla Supercharger ease-up
18:44 – Volkswagen admits some of its massive R&D budget will go toward keeping ICE vehicles on the road
19:01 – The Boring Company finishes a massive tunnel for Tesla to use for Cybertrucks
19:16 – Audi makes a $1 Billion investment into EV production in Mexico
19:34 – GM opens up about its lowered EV production goals for the year
19:51 – QMerit announces new suite of home charging solutions for EV owners
20:09 – A judge in California has ruled the state’s DMV case against Tesla over FSD must go to trail
20:30 – Good Energy in the UK offers ZapMap’s B2B services £1.7 million in credit
20:50 – Tesla accelerates its rehiring effort
21:09 – Chevrolet lowers the price of the Blazer EV for 2025, but removes previously standard-fit items
21:29 – U.S. Federal government has provided $1 billion of EV purchase incentives this year so far
21:48 – Tesla, Volvo react to EU tariffs in a very different way
22:07 – JLR, Chery confirm platform deal
22:25 – Two Optimus Robots are now working at its facilities, says Tesla
22:44 – Aspark’s latest EV sets a new speed record
24:19 – Donald Trump lays on the anti-EV lies in his latest stump speeches
25:40 – Despite what FUD fans might say, EV sales are STILL Soaring!
26:43 – Thanks, and Goodbye!