TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 491: Rivian + Volkswagen, Used EVs to Avoid, Pikes Peak Fun!

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Rivian gets a massive investment from Volkswagen, Used EVs to avoid, and Pike’s Peak doesn’t fail to entertain!

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:35 – Welcome!
00:41 Volkswagen invests in Rivian, as pair establish a joint-venture for software-defined vehicles
01:31 – North American launch of Volvo EX30 pushed back until 2025
02:24 – Fisker owners establish non-profit to keep their cars running
03:13 – Mate Rimac launches Verne – a Robotaxi firm
04:05 – Consumer Reports details its latest list of used cars to avoid (including EVs)
04:51 – Tesla’s Cost Advantage shines through in latest BoA report
05:50 – Ford confirms Long Beach as home for its new EV skunkworks
06:40 – Hyundai unveils new INSTER EV
07:34 – Emissions in Aotearoa NZ increase as anti-EV laws make themselves felt
08:35 – EA gets tough about free EV charging sessions
10:36 – Porsche Taycan Recalled
10:56 – Tesla Cybertruck Recalled
11:15 – Hyundai IONIQ 5 N TA Spec sets new record at Pikes Peak
11:32 – Polestar 2 gets tweaks for 2025
11:55 – Nio opens its first batch of fourth-generation battery swap stations
12:14 – Stellantis warns the UK it will close its UK factories unless the nation becomes more EV-friendly
12:36 – Tesla faces tough consequences unless it cleans up air quality at Fremont facility
12:56 – American Petroleum institute, Others, Take EPA to court over EV rules
13:13 – As EV cable theft and vandalism rise, EA increase surveillance at sites
13:31 – BMW talks up its new M3 EV
13:54 – Kia’s Global Monthly Sales hit new highs in May
14:12 – Tesla Dog Mode may not work after latest OTA
14:29 – Castrol Invests in Gogoro
14:49 – Parking lot of Tesla Cybertrucks spray painted in Florida with anti-Elon Musk messages
15:04 – BYD’s Yuan sub-brand sells its one millionth EV
15:21 – BMW XM Plug-in Hybrid might get axed before launch
15:38 – One Florida city bans all e-bikes and scooters
15:54 – EU, China continue discussions on tariffs
16:10 – A new digital tool highlights how charging deserts are a real problem
16:28 – During its first Investor Day, Rivian details its recent cost-cutting
16:46 – EV Sales rise in most of Europe, but Germany drives an overall drop in sales
17:09 – Canada considers joining the U.S., Europe, in applying tariffs on Chinese-made Evs
17:23 – Dodge Daytona Charger EV delayed by 90 days
17:41 – New study suggests Kiwis are excited about wirelessly-charging EVs
17:58 – Kia EV4 expected to make its debut next year
18:15 – Electrogenic announces drop-in DeLorean EV conversion kit
18:36 – Tesla supposedly in talks with Michelin over airless tires
18:55 – You can now lease a Tesla for less than a Camry Hybrid
19:10 – Volkswagen working on a smaller-battery ID. Buzz for Europe
19:25 – SK On signs a supply agreement with Exxon Mobil
19:40 – Volkswagen’s battery facility is proceeding on schedule
19:58 – Ferrari opens its new e-Building, which will eventually be home to its first EV
20:16 – Honda confirms lease deals for its CR-V e:FCEV
20:33 – Co-Operative funeral care in the UK gets Mustang Mach-E Funeral Fleet
20:49 – First Generation Hyundai Kona EV is removed from sale in India
21:05 – GM confirms it’s supplying its Ultium battery packs to the U.S. Military for evaluation
21:22 – California introduces the DCAP program for low-income families
22:36 – Rivian, Ford, celebrate wins at Pikes Peak
23:31 – North American EV debuts a restomod Hummer EV that’s more Efficient than the GMC version
24:35 – Thanks, and Goodbye!