Termite protection – don’t pour your concrete till you watch this!

From The Build Show.

Today Matt meets with Joel from Termimesh to talk about a chemical-free, long-lasting solution to termite infestations that’s perfect for southern builders that Matt used for two decades. 

They delve into the limitations of traditional chemical treatments, which have a limited lifespan and environmental concerns. Instead, they showcase a sustainable solution: Termimesh, a fine stainless steel mesh developed in Australia that creates a physical barrier termites can’t penetrate. This product is affordable, easy to install, and offers lifetime protection.

Learn more about Termimesh: https://www.termistopusa.com/what-is-termimesh

Watch the Risinger Build series: https://buildshownetwork.com/bsn-series/risingerbuild

Watch this video to learn more about Termite Protection! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIvPla-07fo&t=4s

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