Tesla’s 0-60 Times Are Misleading

From Engineering Explained.

The performance gap with different Teslas is not as big as it seems.
Tesla doesn’t hit 60 in under two seconds – https://youtu.be/i7yigpPSu_o
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Elon Musk wouldn’t try to deceive you, would he? Well unfortunately Tesla 0-60 times are a bit misleading. For example, Tesla shows a 0-60 in 1.99 seconds on their website for the Model S Plaid, or 3.1 seconds if you opt for the dual motor AWD Model S. But if you click “feature details” a box pops up, informing you that the Plaid’s time is with the first foot of rollout subtracted. But the standard S doesn’t apply this practice. So in reality, the Plaid’s true 0-60 is greater than 1.99 seconds, and the gap in performance between the two Model S’s is not as wide as it seems. And this is true for Tesla’s other Performance models as well. They use different 0-60 methods for different models, altering your perception of the gap in performance.

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