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Brent Tiggelaar, Ian Fabs, Jonathan Hawk, Markus Fleischer, NullBlox.ZachryWilsn, Thomas Kaminski, Wolfgang Hutton

You discover a new species of succulent. It’s composed of two tiny butt cheeks. What do you call it? BABY BUM. And there’s really no possible alternative, because this is Mind Blow.
An array of 100 robotic muscles that can flex 50 times per second is like a giant fluid trampoline with haptic response that can move and sort objects and also generate images. It’s like a waterbed mixed with a computer. What more could you need?

We talk a lot about AI in art, but we’re making fantastic progress in using AI to fuel neural bypass connections — like an electronic brain-body-spinal cord bridge that has brought back movement and sensation in the limbs of a man with quadriplegia.

A full decade ago, Mind Blow highlighted the weirdly anti-bacterial wings of the clanger cicada. By analyzing the nanostructure of the wings, we finally know how the nanopillars on the wings kill bacteria and clean the surface — and it has tremendous implications for sanitizing the surfaces of medical devices.

A 600-pound asteroid is coming directly for your head… sort of. It’s 13 million miles away, which means it’s classified as a “potentially hazardous asteroid,” and it’s tracked twice a day with a 3,200 megapixel camera. They say you never hear the one that gets you.

Spiders are incredible at pulling moisture from the air, and they do it by constructing webs on which droplets collect easily and efficiently. Replicating their process allows water collection to happen without expending energy. Science smarter, not harder.

What if tattoos could be functional instead of purely aesthetic? Nanotech’s got it covered, starting with individual cells. 3-D bioprinting technology can place a flexible tattoo that functions as a data collection and warning system for the body.

40 years ago we discovered fantastic fossils of the immortal jellyfish… and no one bothered to look at them until now, because sometimes science news takes a couple generations to develop. But the Canadian fossils are so detailed that some even reveal an animal’s last meal. They show that jellyfish as we know them today are even older than we thought — but they’re still an aquatic whippersnapper compared to the sea sponge.

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Hosted, Researched and Created by Kevin Lieber

Written by Matthew Tabor

Edited by Vic Grimes

Fact Checking by Geoff Barrett

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