The Beauty of Games With Dead Worlds

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Calling a world ‘dead’ usually isn’t a compliment. But maybe it should be. A meditation on games with stunning and creative worlds that have, in their own way, died.

When we think of dead worlds, we typically don’t think of beauty. This is especially true for video games — where the word dead usually implies a setting is lacking in meaningful content. But I want to challenge this assumption, to explore environments that are spectacular and filled with artistic merit, yet are, in their own ways, dead.

For sometimes the end of the world is just the beginning…

0:00 Beauty of Dead Worlds
1:16 Shadows of the Colossus
4:17 Desolation of Grief
6:07 A Hollow Knight
8:20 The World Without Us
10:52 Wreckage of the Deep
12:45 The Whalefall
15:19 There Will Come Soft Rains
17:20 On Sable and Hope
19:25 The World Lives On

Media Shown: Gris, Starfield, Shadow of the Colossus, Hollow Knight, Cloud Gardens, Abzu, Sable, Horizon: Zero Dawn, There Will Come Soft Rains Animated Short, There Will Come Soft Rains BBC Radio Drama (audio), Mad Max: Fury Road, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012

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Beauty Flow, Bittersweet
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