The Biggest Myth About Innovation

From It’s OK to be Smart.

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The idea of the lone genius creating everything isn’t just misleading. It’s harmful and wrong. Innovation thrives when people work together, and rather than nice linear paths, new ideas come from chance events and unexpected connections. This video tells the story of one such invention, and offers a new idea about how new ideas are really born.

0:00 I’ve got a gripe
1:30 How innovation stories usually go
2:28 The last time this happened, things got weird
2:51 Stabbing sick people in Olde London
4:23 A heroic cow named Blossom
5:05 Why Napoleon hated swamps
6:22 The preacher, sparks, and a fortuitous explosion
7:08 Who’s "in charge" here?
8:26 Bubbles, for your health!
9:33 Putting the club in soda
10:13 Needles and drugs
11:01 A tower in Paris
11:58 Quantum bros
12:53 Very VERY tiny things
13:37 This physicist hates cats
14:20 Mr. Helix and the messengers
15:18 It’s all coming together
16:08 The best part of the story
17:35 Extras

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