The Electric GRID Is Under ATTACK (But It’s Not From EVs)

From Transport Evolved.

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For what feels like an age, much doom and gloom has been cast concerning the impact of electric vehicles on the electrical grid. And on this channel, we’ve done our best to bust those myths.

…But now it’s happening. The grid is under more immediate threat. Not from EV drivers, but from AI and new clean energy production facilities.

We explain all!

00:00 – Sponsor Message
00:13 – Introduction
01:55 – They’ve traditionally blamed EVs…
03:10 – AI is partly to blame
03:36 – No, not THAT AI…
04:21 – AI’s Big part in energy consumption
06:56 – The positives of AI
08:53 – The energy consumption of AI
09:52 – AI for EVs also uses a lot of energy
11:16 – AI uses a lot…but so do factories
12:36 – Growth of factories, driven by political incentives
13:50 – The grid has historically been unerinvested in
14:44 – Where does this leave us?
15:27 – Sponsor message: Energy Sage
16:38 – Other things you can do
18:56 – Register to VOTE!
19:47 – Thanks, and Goodbye!


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Presenter, Script, Audio: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield.
Camera, Editor, Colorist: M. Horton
Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Producer: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
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