The First Animal In Space May Surprise You

From “Joe Scott”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

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We all know Laika the dog and maybe Ham the chimpanzee but the entire pantheon of animals that have been to space is surprisingly vast. Everything from cats to worms to fish to newts to spiders have been flown in space to test the effect of space and zero gravity on life forms. Here is my best attempt to catalogue all of them.

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LINKS LINKS LINKS — PIC! — video — PICS! — PIC of Blackie, but they get the date wrong — PIC of Ivan (and right date)

0:01 – Space Bat
2:11 – Laika The Dog
4:20 – Flies in Space
5:34 – The Alberts
6:57 – Pet Hug Break
7:11 – Dezik, Tsygan, and Yorick
8:18 – Yorick
8:53 – Patricia, Mike, and Gordo
9:27 – Able and Baker
10:40 – Belka, Strelka, and Ham
12:20 – Ivan’s Menagerie
14:59 – Enos the Chimp
15:20 – Félicette the Cat
16:33 – The Fabulous Nematode
18:40 – Tardigrades
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