The Genetic Treatments I’m Excited About (And Other Questions)

From “Joe Scott”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

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In this month’s Lightning Round video, I answer questions about my biggest concern for the future, how we can stop the spread of misinformation, and genetic research. Oh, and how to spread kindness. Enjoy.

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0:00 – Intro
1:59 – OpenAI Sora
5:34 – Optimistic Outlook
7:53 – Musical Tastes
11:21 – Genetic Therapies
13:10 – Spread Kindness
14:24 – Maximize Plastic Recycling
17:25 – Rapid Advancements
19:11 – Patreon and Member Shout Outs
20:04 – Would Animals Rise Against Us?
22:55 – Sponsor – Rocket Money