The Genius Of Hot Water Heat Pumps

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The Genius Of Hot Water Heat Pumps. Secure your privacy with Surfshark! Enter coupon code UNDECIDED for an extra 3 months free at Today is a really hot topic: heat pump water heaters. No, it’s not sexy, but water heater technology is kind of ingenious with its simplicity. A typical electric water heater has two heating elements; one near the bottom and one near the top, all housed in a very well insulated cylinder. As cold water is fed in near the bottom of the tank, the hot water is pushed out near the top. It’s also pretty simple efficiency-wise. For each unit of electricity that’s used, you get one unit of heat energy added to the water.

However, my water heater is wearing one additional piece of technology on top … like a hat. It’s a heat pump. That means for every unit of electricity I’m spending I’m getting 3 to 4 units of heat added to the water. It’s way more efficient than any electric or natural gas water heater you can get, but hybrid heat pump water heaters have some quirks and challenges. Also, my setup is a little unique … like … what’s that strange mini-me version of a water heater sitting next to it?

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Paul Braren’s experience with the Rheem noise issue:

08:49 – I’ve updated one of the charts used in the video. I converted therms to kWh for the gas vs. electric energy use chart. It’s now truly apples to apples, which highlights how inefficient gas is vs. electric. But it also highlights how dirt cheap gas heating is! Updated chart is on my website (link below).

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