The Great Places Erased by Suburbia (the Third Place)

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The pub. The café. The town square. They’re not home. They’re not work. They’re something else. But these places are becoming more and more scarce. And in car-dependent suburbia, they’ve been erased almost completely … and that’s a problem.

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Script by Nicole Conlan and Jason Slaughter

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0:00 Pre-roll
0:08 Introduction
0:39 Ray Oldenburg’s "Third Place"
1:18 Our "local"
2:16 Why smaller apartments are OK
3:04 Cheers
3:42 Other benefits of the Third Places
5:27 How suburbia destroyed the Third Place
6:06 Stealing "keep off" signs
6:28 Faking the Third Places
8:02 Let’s go to the mall!
8:55 The sterilized Third Place
9:22 The barber shop
9:41 What’s left of the Third Place in America
10:18 Conclusion
11:27 Curiosity Stream and Nebula
12:54 Patreon Shout-out