The Hidden Genius of ’90s Sitcom Logos

From Linus Boman.

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00:00 The Nineties – Syndication turns sitcoms into cash cows
01:39 Family Matters – catchphrases and clichés
03:13 Full House – the squeaky clean family sitcom
04:37 Married with Children – the anti-sitcom
05:30 Friends aka F•R•I•E•N•D•S
07:05 Seinfeld – a show about nothing
08:22 The Nanny – surprise international hit
09:49 Sponsor – Surfshark
10:56 The Simpsons – the 1990s Golden Age
12:07 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – this logo slaps!
13:31 Home Improvement – a logo with some grunt
15:07 Frasier – a touch of class
16:21 TV Show branding today vs back in the day

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