The Incredible Journey of an Alien Whale – South Scrimshaw Documentary

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The journey of a lifetime is about to begin. An exploration of “South Scrimshaw,” a sad documentary about the life of an alien whale in the deep sea.

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Beneath the waves, the story of a young whale’s astonishing voyage across uncharted waters is about to begin. But this is not Earth’s ocean, nor is this an Earth whale. This is the saga of “South Scrimshaw,” a game-documentary hybrid created by the brilliant Nathan O. Marsh.

In this video, we’ll follow the young whale’s odyssey through the alien ocean depths, and discover a tale of loss, and deep connections. And you can play the full game yourself and support the artist using the links below.

Now, the sea is calling…

0:00 South Scrimshaw Documentary
0:44 Ch 1: Birth
4:17 Ch 2: Anatomy
10:35 Ch 3: Departing
13:31 Ch 3.5: Loss
18:33 Ch 4: Patterns
23:50 Ch 4.5: Confrontation
29:27 Epilogue: Adulthood

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