The Insider Secrets to Task Manager, Pinball, and More

From Dave’s Garage.

Retired operating systems engineer Dave Plummer participates in a Microsoft "Ask Me Anything" session about his time in MS-DOS and Windows, such as Task Manager, Pinball, Zip files, the Start Menu, and more.

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0:00: 💻 Retired Microsoft engineer discusses project selection and early career impact.
4:01: 💻 Importance of understanding the entire stack from kernel to user code for debugging and development.
8:16: 💡 Lessons learned from legacy code and impromptu decisions leading to long-term consequences.
12:09: ⚙️ Task Manager optimization for efficient foreground activation.
16:23: ⚙️ AI development shifting focus from training GPUs to local CPU inferencing.
20:17: ⚙️ Development of a display at 30 FPS using 6502 assembly with a purpose to educate on topics like 6502 assembly and FFTs.
24:26: ⚙️ Challenges of porting code between Windows 95 and NT, learning through the process.
28:23: 💼 Challenges of balancing work and family led to leaving dream job at Microsoft to focus on own business.
32:30: ⏰ Balancing work and family life while working remotely and running a business.