The Map of Particle Physics | The Standard Model Explained

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The standard model of particle physics is our fundamental description of the stuff in the universe. It doesn’t answer why anything exists, but does describe what exists and how it behaves, and that’s what we’ll be discovering in this video. We will cover the fermions, which contain the quarks and the leptons, as well as the bosons or force carriers. As well as which of the fundamental forces each of these fundamental particles interact with, along with the Higgs field. We’ll also look at the conservation rules of particle physics, symmetries in physics and the various quantum numbers that rule which particle interactions are valid and which are not.

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— Chapters —
00:00 Intro
00:28 What is particle physics?
01:33 The Fundamental Particles
02:13 Spin
3:52 Conservation Laws
5:01 Fermions and Bosons
7:40 Quarks
11:12 Color Charge
14:13 Leptons
16:39 Neutrinos
19:08 Symmetries in Physics
21:56 Conservation Laws With Forces
23:07 Summary So Far
23:36 Bosons
25:48 Gravity
26:52 Mysteries
28:24 The Future
29:08 Sponsor Message
30:12 End Ramble